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Friday, June 23, 2017

Facebook too scared to make LGBTQ stand in countries that kill non-heterosexuals

Facebook is scared to death (literally) to participate in the oppression of LGBT folks by withholding a rainbow avatar in countries in which the local religion prescribes the killing of gays, lesbians, transgenders, queers, people of different religions, especially Jews, atheists and so on and so forth, etc., etc.

The company rolled out a new "reaction
" feature in June, or LGBT Pride Month, a month in which people who are sexually involved with people of the same sex, or those who have their genitalia surgically altered to go along with the delusion they harbor, can have pride and celebrate something that isn't an actual accomplishment, but a definition of who they are or think they are.

LGBT Pride Month celebrates gay sexual preference around the world.

Users who sign up for the LGBTQ@Facebook page can get to use reacts such as "like", "wow", "angry", "sad", and now they can add an extra rainbow flag-themed "pride" response to posts. 

Canada's "pretty boy" Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, posted on the page. It's readily available in the West, but don't even think about posting it in Russia, Malaysia, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Qatar, Syria, South Africa, Egypt or Pakistan, not to mention any Islamic-run country I left out.

But even in India and Singapore (where gay sex is illegal), as well as Lithuania and the Philippines (that ban gay marriage) the feature is not available to them.

And they're spitting mad.

Facebook said, in response to user complaints about the feature not being available to them, that "this isn't yet available in some areas, but we hope to roll it out in more soon."

Advocates for free expression online weren't impressed.

Facebook CEO (Cowardly Executive Officer) Mark Zuckerberg effectively promised to ban more things in areas like the Middle East, by making content filters more limiting to achieve "local governance" in line with inhuman, sexist, homophobic, blasphemous and anti-Semitic "cultural norms."

Some say Zuckerberg simply cannot suck enough.