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Friday, June 16, 2017

big surprise--the Palestinian Authority lied

While in Washington Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas assured President Trump the PA had stopped funding terrorism. That's called 'taqiyya,' or a lie for the sake of Islam. 

However, during their meeting in Bethlehem, Trump demonstrated he had evidence provided by Israel, that the Abbas government was still sponsoring terrorism, big league.

One of the main issues President Trump demanded of the PA was for them to stop funding terrorism. They said they would--taqiyya kicked in--they lied.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson testified on Tuesday before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and said the PA is no longer rewarding terrorist acts by paying terrorists and their families when they go all to pieces over their work. "They have changed that policy and their intent is to cease the payments to the families of those who have committed murder or violence against others," Tillerson said. "We have been very clear with them that this is simply not acceptable to us."

I blogged about this several days ago and didn't quite believe Abbas then--for more on that click here.

Another major demand Trump made was for the PA to totally stop the incitement of violence and glorification of acts of terror and martyrdom. 

Israel says the PA continues to promote violence against the Jews. In fact, there has been an increase in anti-Israel propaganda and recruitment for further acts of terror.

The official Israeli response: "Israel does not recognize any change in Palestinian policy that continues to pay the families of terrorists. The Palestinian Authority continues to praise, incite and encourage terrorism through payments.

But Israel is doing something about it. According to the Camp David Accords, all products coming in to the PA come in via Israeli ports, at which time they're taxed and Israel hands over the money to the PA.

Israel will now calculate how much the PA pays to reward terror and will then subtract that amount from the taxes they collect and give the remainder to the PA.

As it now stands, the Times of Israel calculated the PA has paid out $1.2 billion to terrorists and their families over the last four years. One of the highest-paying positions in the PA went to a terrorist and there's even a ministry dedicated to paying terrorists called the Ministry of Prisoners' Affairs. It deals with terrorist prisoners in Israeli jails and the families of terrorists.

Issa Karaka, the Palestinian minister of Prisoners' Affairs, said that calling for the stopping of these payments was an act of war. [LOL-as if the PA hasn't been waging war with Israel all this time].

"The Palestinian society is made up entirely of families of prisoners and shahids, and they are all victims because of the Israeli occupation," he said, directing his words against the U.S.

"This demand to stop payments for prisoners' families," Karaka continued, "is no small matter, but something very big with social ramifications. No one in the Palestinian Authority could make such a move. It would be very difficult for the Palestinian Authority to stop the humanitarian aid to the families of prisoners and shahids."

A shahid is a "holy martyr." 

Why is it that so many Muslims who say they're killing Jews for Allah are perverting Islam when it's advocated in the Quran?