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Friday, June 30, 2017

Bernie's wife really does, in fact, suck as a person

Senatah Bernie Sandahs' (Idiot--VT) wife has been accused of being a scum -crumpet who heartlessly tried to evict disabled group home residents when she was president of a Vermont college and closed on a real estate deal. She is now under FBI "matter" situation. 

Just kidding--it's an investigation.

The group home had 16 elderly residents was on property Jane Sanders purchased for the now defunct Burlington College in 2010 as part of an expansion project, according to conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch claimed Thursday.

Jane Sanders is under FBI investigation in connection with her role in obtaining a bank loan for the expansion project which didn't work out and led to the college's closure.

Both Bernie and Jane Sanders have lawyered up in connection with the probe. Sen. Sanders called the probe "pretty pathetic," and politically motivated, but that's a lie. Jane Sanders is her claw-prints all over this.

Judicial Watch claims Jane Sanders sent a letter to an attorney representing the HowardCenter group home in January 2011. The letter stated that she was having difficulty evicting the 16 seniors.

Part of the letter Judicial Watch obtained under a public records request stated: 
"It is simply not fair to expect the College to continue to carry the burden of the expenses associated with housing both your population and ours until February 2012."
"The home for the disabled was being leased from the diocese and Jane was supposed to help relocate the residents, not evict them," Judicial Watch reported. 

Sanders' comments demonstrated her heartlessness and the level of suck-worthiness she possesses.

Sen. Sanders office had no comment.