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Monday, May 22, 2017

Why more Muslims are killed by Muslims and stuff

More Muslims are killed by other Muslims because they're more handy to kill, new studies from the Institute of Islamist Atrocities (IIA) indicate.

"If you're an Islamic terrorist, you don't want to have to travel too far to kill someone," IIA head Mohamad Mahmoud Muhammed said. "You don't want to wear out your camel or waste gasoline," he added.

One reason that Muslim terrorists kill more Muslims than victims of other religions is due to the fact that many of those they kill are themselves by blowing themselves up into bitesize pieces of charred meat.

Secondly, the other Muslims they kill (those other than themselves) are not "the right kind of Muslim." They are considered to be apostates.

The one group worships Allah, the Pagan moon god, in the way in which they are accustomed, and this angers the other group to the point that they fly off the handle and kill the "wrong type of Muslims."

And so on.

So, the Sunnis hate the Shia, the Shia hate the Sunnis, both hate Sufis because they like to dance.

And they all hate the Jews, but that's another story.

The third reason Muslims kill more Muslims than any other group is due to their religious rules.

If you're a Muslim and try to leave Islam for another religion--they kill you.
If you're a Muslim and you're gay--they kill you.
If you're a Muslim and you're a lesbian--they kill you.
If you're a Muslim and you don't believe in Allah--they kill you.
If you're a Muslim and commit adultery--they kill you.
If you're a Muslim girl and do a selfie of you dancing--they kill you.

No wonder more Muslims are killed by other Muslims.

But more infidels who are killed by terrorists are killed by Muslim terrorists. 

"It's just that they're not as handy as Muslims," Muhammed said.