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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Weiner's World will now have 3 hots and a cot

We all love to hate him, Anthony Weiner, the former Congressman from New York who got caught in a sexting scandal involving women and young girls. 

Now the case is coming to a head, like a giant puss pimple and Weiner, 52, pleaded guilty in federal court Friday to a single charge of distributing obscenities to a minor. Prosecutors are recommending a prison sentence of about two years, according to Vito, one of my sources from Brooklyn, and did not appeal a sentence of 21 to 27 months in the slammer and once he's free, he'll have to register as a sex offender.

Weiner was once thought to be a rising star in the Democratic Party, but unfortunately, the only thing that rose for him was what got him in trouble.

He represented his congressional district in Brooklyn and Queens for over 11 years before getting caught sending sexually explicit social media messages and texts to women. He stepped down in  2011 and his wife, Huma Abedin, stood by her man's side the whole time.

But just because Weiner got caught, was no reason for him to stop sexting. He even decided to run for Mayor of New York City in 2013, a position often held by miscreants and now a socialist. 

Weiner's social media exchanges continued up until the start of 2016 with a 15-year-old girl from North Carolina. She said that the exchanges went on for months.

Who the heck did Weiner think he was going after children? The prophet of Islam?

The former congressman asked the teenager to undress and masturbate, my source said. He had changed his online handle from "Carlos Danger" to "T Dog," in these exchanges. Vito thought the name was catchy and creative, but that Weiner was 'disgusting.' 

In a wonderful twist of fate, the FBI discovered in its Weiner probe, a new batch of emails that "appear to be pertinent" to its previous Hillary Clinton investigation into her illegal private server. As most people who are able to feed themselves know, Weiner's wife, Huma, was Hillary Clinton's closest aide and confidant.

Here's the time line of the Weinercapades:

Weiner and Abedin met in 2001, got married in New York and Bill Clinton officiated the ceremony. (Bill, as you may recall, had his own thing going with the womenfolk.)

Weiner hit a political home run that same month by giving a speech on the House floor after a bill to provide aid to 9-11 responders failed. He soon because a darling of the Democratic Party.

In May 2011, the first photo was tweeted out to his 40,000 followers of Weiner in boxer briefs with a bulging crotch. He claimed his Twitter account was hacked, but later to be proven false. 

Huma was pregnant at the time.

In a news conference on June 6th, Weiner confessed to the tweet. "To be clear, the picture was of me, and I sent it," he said, after being nailed on the deed by the late Andrew Breitbart.

On June 11th, Weiner announced that he was taking a leave of absence from Congress. A spokeswoman claimed he was going to "seek professional treatment to focus on becoming a better husband and healthier person."

Then less than a week later, he resigned from Congress and held a news conference in Brooklyn, New York. He apologized for his behavior and the embarrassment he may have caused.

In December 2011, little Jordan Zain Weiner was born.

In May of 2013, Weiner, thinking the heat was off, announced his run for Mayor of New York City. He was with Huma and son Jordan when making the announcement and said,' Look, I've made some big mistakes and I know I've let a lot of people down," he said on a video.

"I'm running for mayor because I've been fighting for the middle class and those struggling to make it for my entire life. And I hope I get a second chance to work for you."

"We love this city," Abedin said. "And no one will work harder to make it better than Anthony."

But on July 23, 2013, the website The Dirty released more photos and sexting allegedly by Weiner under the "Carlos Danger" moniker to a 22-year-old woman that Weiner had contacted in late 2012, and as recent as April 2013. This was over a year since Weiner resigned from Congress, proving that he was incapable of marital fidelity and had a serious mental disorder beyond that of being a liberal.

At a news conference that very day, Weiner responded, "I said that other texts and photos were likely to come out, and today they have." Huma stood next to him as he spoke. He also said that he was going to stay in the mayoral race.

Abedin then spoke, sounding as if she had been coached by Hillary Clinton: "What I want to say is I love him, I have forgiven him, I believe in him, and as I have said from the beginning, we are moving forward."

So much for feminism.

In September, Weiner lost the mayoral primary, ending up in fifth place. Socialist and Sandinista supporter, Bill de Blasio went on to become the failed mayor.

Last May, the documentary "Weiner" was released, documenting the creep's turbulent political career and highlighting the sex scandal. Huma was one of Hillary's top campaign aides at this time.

Then in August, the New York Post published a story about more explicit texts Weiner began sending in 2015. One photo showed him in his underwear, in bed with his toddler son at his side.

The following day, realizing the latest finding was going to leave a scar, announced they were separating.

"After a long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, I have made the decision to separate from my husband," she said in a statement.

In September 2016, the FBI and NYPD announced they are opening an investigation into Weiner after a 15-year-old girl told the Daily Mail that Weiner sent her lewd messages that began in January of that year.

The following month, the FBI reopened the investigation into the private illegal email server of Hillary Clinton after they discovered her emails on Weiner's laptop when they were investigating him.

Now Weiner appeared in federal court in Manhattan where he pleaded guilty to the charge of transmitting sexual material to a minor.

"I have a sickness, but I do not have an excuse," Weiner tearfully said in his court apology.

He will have to register as a sex offender in 21 to 27 months after his prison release.

Weiner got his start in politics as an intern for Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) when Schumer was a congressional representative in 1985. 

Schumer took Weiner under his nostrils and groomed him to run for a seat in Schumer's district in 1991 in the New York City Council. Though Weiner was considered to be an underdog in the race, he anonymously put out a race baiting flier smearing Adele Cohen, his opponent in the race. He later admitted he was behind the flier.

But instead of ruining his chances in the Democratic Party, liberals love to pull the race card and it was the Weiner's kick-start.

When Schumer ran for the Senate in 1998, Weiner ran for his congressional seat and leaned on Schumer for campaign support.

"My greatest advantage is that I worked for Schumer for six years," Weiner said. "I think that my longstanding and very close relationship with the congressman will inure to my advantage."

He eventually won Schumer's endorsement and won the seat with 29 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary. 

It's unclear if Schumer still supports Weiner.

It has just been learned that Huma's attorneys have filed divorce papers after Weiner's guilty plea. Of course, it isn't as if she didn't know that Weiner is guilty.