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Monday, May 29, 2017

Turkey's goons identified

Three of Erdogan's goons who were involved in the brutal attack in Washington D.C. against peaceful protesters on May 16th have been identified by The Daily Caller. 

One victim of the attack, which took place outside the Turkish embassy, is Ceren Borazen, 26, who is seen being choked and thrown to the ground by one of these swine.

Hopefully, President Trump will toss the Turkish embassy out of the country after what they did.

Ismail Dalkiran, Servet Erkan and Hakan Gebes are three of the names of the scumcrumpets that attacked the Kurdish protesters. They are part of Erdogan's security detail and live in Turkey.

The video of the assault was rather disturbing as the goons were kicking at people on the ground and one man appeared to be unconscious. Eleven people were injured in the attack which began after Erdogan and his detail arrived and he made a phone call. 

Dalkiran is seen on the video choking Ceren Borazen, a 26-year-old Kurdish woman protesting Erdogan's visit. She later said in interviews that Dalkiran also threatened to kill her, and she has led a social media campaign to help find the goon. In fact, he appears to be one of the more violent goons on the video.

Dalkiran, Erkan and Gebes are all connected on Facebook and it's the involvement of the latter two in the attacks that provides more proof that the attack came on the orders of Erdogan.

Both Erkan and Gebes were seen in a small circle surrounding Erdogan who was sitting in a black Mercedes Benz moments before the violence began.

Gebes, a thin puke with a mustache, appears to have relayed instructions from the Turkish leader to launch the attack and he is seen receiving orders from Muhsin Kose, Erdogan's chief of security.

Kose leans into Erdogan's car then emerges and speaks to Gebes, who nods 'yes' then runs toward the street where the attack soon began.

Erkan, a large man with a bald head and dirty underwear (I suspect) is seen punching at least two protesters, and he may be the one who issued commands to begin the assault.

TheDC analyzed the videos and revealed a voice shouting "dalin diyor, servet abi dalm diyor." The translation is" Servet says dive in [or attack]."

When Erkan returned home in Turkey, he was praised by his compatriots: "The valiant man who ordered the attack against the traitors in America," wrote one guy named Bilal Sandal who also posted a photo with Erkan on Twitter just days before the attack.

The Three Stooges are probably protected by diplomatic immunity so they will most likely get away with the assault.

But if we kick out their embassy, that would be a clear message that we will not tolerate this kind of garbage on our soil.

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