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Monday, May 15, 2017

Oberlin rich kids want a socialist dining hall

Oberlin socialists (aka students) boycotted some of the on-campus dining halls this month in an effort to rid the campus of good food and replace it with socialism food. 

Socialism food is the food grown in a collective like a commune, where everyone pitches in and somebody always screws off and angers the collective. It's human nature.

The brittle snowflakes want to end the school's contract with Bon Appétit Management Company believing they should switch "to a self-management food service model."

They are upset that the company "is doing it for the money," and not for altruistic socialist concerns.

Tuition at Oberlin with a room is $66,870 per year with fees. Let's see their socialist parents fork that kind of dough over to the school times four years. 

But wait, the school is only in it for the money too if they're making a profit so why are the fine young socialists going there?

The Oberlin's Student Labor Action Coalition held a panel discussion with student employees and food-service workers. From the discussions, "worker concerns with Bon Appétit's management surfaced." Students decided to strike to show solidarity after hearing about alleged unfair labor practices, such as a company wanting to make a profit.
Oberlin food supply of the future

Fortunately for the young leftists, they were given sustenance by the Agave Burrito Bar & Tequileria and two college co-ops and didn't die of starvation.

The Marxists decided it best for the school to have an in-house dining system with the college directly hiring its own staff. They actually believed it would lead to better food and a more equitable outcome (aka money and lots of time off) for employees.

Counter cook and cashier Matt Kubach said:
"When we report to somebody, we're reporting to an organization that's a for-profit . . . The rest of the campus is a non-profit, and obviously you've got to make money, but that doesn't necessarily mean you've got to make a ton of money. I kind of feel Bon Appétit wouldn't be here if they weren't making money. I don't think they're here for good will. I think for me, personally . . . what I would like to see in the dining program is to just try to break even--provide fair wages, try to lower the room and board cost. I think if you're cutting out a large chunk of what you're paying Bon Appétit, you can achieve that a little more easily."
And Kubach's father heard the flushing as all his son's tuition money went down the dumper.

An economics of history major; Matt Kubach and most socialists are not. If they were, they'd see socialism never worked and the leaders of socialists countries got rich by capitalism or inheritance.

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