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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Germany's Merkel urges EU to control their own destiny re: climate change

Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Sunday that "the past few days" have demonstrated to her that the European Union needs to remain friendly with the US and the UK, but must also put "our destiny into their own hands." Merkel didn't mention President Trump by name because it gives her gas, but there's no question that it was he she was referring to as a response to his declining to join six other countries who have reaffirmed the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement at the G-7 summit in Sicily. 

This was one of former President Obama's biggest concerns. 

Not ISIS. Not Iran. Not Russia. Not China. Not North Korea. Not Islamic terrorism. Just the fact that the earth has warmed a small percentage of one degree Fahrenheit and that governments need to act as one--hopefully with him leading the world in the struggle to recycle and separate paper from plastic.

"The times in which we can fully count on others are somewhat over," she said, "as I have experienced in the past few days. And that is why I can only say: We Europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands."

She and the EU are kind of doing that by allowing the mass immigration that floods the continent and is causing an increase in terror attacks as they sit in their fortified homes and offices.

She, along with other foreign leaders, tried to persuade President Trump to join them in their lunacy that calls for reduced emissions of greenhouse gasses and other pollutants that they believe contribute to climate change.

They may be correct, but to what degree does it contribute, and what other factors are involved? And how will reducing emissions help the poorest people whose cheapest energy source is coal? 

We have always been able to adapt to temperature changes through our technology. Isn't a warmer climate, if indeed that's true, going to help those who would otherwise die from the cold?

And what about Islamic terrorism?

When useful idiots like Obama say that the biggest threat to our survival is climate change, he's talking like trash. 

Trump has previously referred to climate change as a "hoax." I don't agree completely, just with the way it's being exaggerated. He said that he would announce his decision on joining the accord this week.

The White House argues that U.S. emissions standards are much tougher than those set by China, India and other nations. That, they say, puts the United States at a distinct disadvantage in our industrial production in the global market.

Trump's stance led Merkel to say that the climate talks were "very difficult, if not to say, very unsatisfactory."

To whom? The Chinese? India? Merkel?