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Monday, May 8, 2017

Edgy Waters: she's putting her career on the line

(Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)
She isn't just another pretty angry face saying the stupid things we're used to hearing her say, but now she says that she's putting it all on the line to resist President Trump.

Since the Inauguration, which many Democrats in the House and Senate skipped in protest due to their inability to deal with loss, it has become "cool" and fashionable to resist Donald Trump. 

If Hillary Clinton had won (which she claims she would have if the election were held on November 27th) and Republicans treated her like Democrats treat Trump, they would be screaming their panties off--and that's just the men.

If the game ended in the third quarter, the Atlanta Falcons would have won this year's Super Bowl.

Maxine Waters (Dummy--CA) went on a personal mission to destroy Trump's presidency every chance she saw a microphone. She criticized him, used foul language ("scumbag" comes to mind) and called for Trump's impeachment, if only they could figure out grounds for it.

Waters, who has been known to lie when it's politically expedient, said that while some like what she's doing, others aren't happy with it. "But I've decided that no matter those who do dislike what I'm doing, no matter those who disagree with me, I feel absolutely certain that this country deserves better than Donald Trump.

You might recall that Maxine Waters was fired from The Apprentice for her failed decisions.

Just kidding.

But she did go on to say: "We must take our anger, our pain, our collective strength to right this wrong, to resist this tyranny and to save our democracy from a man whose immoral character and distorted thinking are an imminent threat to our nation."

She also praised the late brutal Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. In 2000, when Castro spoke at a Harlem church, waters chanted "Viva Fidel!" She also has a history of opposing the trade embargo we had with Cuba.

And while Waters cast a vote for a resolution calling for Castro to extradite New Jersey cop-killer Assata Shakur (aka Joanne Chesimard) to the US, once she learned that Shakur is a former Black Panther, she sent a letter to Castro apologizing for her vote:
"Dear President Castro, I am writing to clarify my position on a resolution recently passed by the United States House of Representatives on September 14, 1998. I, and some of the Members of the Congressional Black Caucus, mistakenly voted for House Concurrent Resolution 254 which called on the Government of Cuba to extradite to the United States Joanne Chesimard and all other individuals who have fled the United States from political persecution and received political asylum in Cuba. Joanne Chesimard was the birth name of a political activist known to most Members of the Congressional Black Caucus as Assata Shakur. For the record, I am opposed to the resolution. I unequivocally stated that a mistake was made and I would have voted against the legislation."
So Waters referred to the cop killer as "a political activist" who was fleeing "political persecution" and Castro was right to grant her "political asylum."

Waters is a disgusting leftist.

She even called the Los Angeles riots of 1992 a "rebellion." She said, "If you call it a riot, it sounds like it was just a bunch of crazy people who went out and did bad things for no reason. I maintain it was somewhat understandable, if not acceptable. So I call it a rebellion."

Over a dozen people were murdered in the LA Riots. A white truck driver, Reginald Denny, was pulled from his truck and nearly beaten to death. The National Guard had to be called out. By morning, hundreds of fires burned throughout the city and violence continued for three days more. Fully 55 people were killed, almost 2,000 were injured, 7,000 arrests and there was about $1 billion in property damage of about 4,000 buildings.

I'd like to know what Waters considers something a riot.

Waters once put forth a conspiracy theory that would make Alex Jones blush. She said the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) was responsible for supplying black people in the inner cities with crack cocaine (google it). 

She also has a history of corruption.

In 2008, she helped steer bailout money toward OneUnited, but forgot to mention that Sidney Williams owned OneUnited stock and used to be a board member of the bank--Williams just happens to be her husband.

In 2002 she tried to pressure regulators to block a merger between Family Savings Bank and FBOP Corp., to open the door for the Boston Bank of Commerce (the name of OneUnited at that time) to merge with Family Savings. Although regulators didn't agree with her request, her public campaign eventually resulted in Boston Bank of Commerce merging with FamilySavings into OneUnited. She and hubby bought OneUnited stock in 2004.

Even the likes of George Soros and his Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics (CREW) rated Maxine Waters as among the most corrupt members of Congress.

And there's a lot more about her corrupt history but I'm writing a blog, not a tome. 

Waters has also made a boatload of gaffes since Trump was elected. She referred to Trump's chief of staff as "Mike Preibus."

She told reporters that Russia invaded Korea" "The fact that he [Trump] is wrapping his arms around Putin while Putin is continuing to advance into Korea.

Proving that she and Joe Biden have a special appeal to the left.

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