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Friday, May 26, 2017

Chelsea: same old tune, but more boring

Following in her mother's footsteps, Chelsea Clinton wins awards for such things as changing oxygen into carbon dioxide and smiling with that toothy smile. Soon it's expected she'll win the Nobel Peace Prize for being the daughter of Bill Clinton and for defending Islam against the Islamophobes on the right side of the aisle.

Chelsea's on the speaking circuit hawking her children's book about her award winning mother, She Persisted. Many believe the biggest problem with Hillary Clinton is the fact that she's still around persisting and persisting.

On Monday, Chelsea appeared at the annual conference for Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere (CARE, not CAIR, but close). The conference 'kiss-ups' described her in the agenda, not as a Howdy Doody lookalike, but as an "activist, thought leader and change agent."

Chelsea spoke about empowering and the oppressed, which should have a sound as familiar as an emetic, but with which Chelsea has zero practical experience.

One point made perfectly clear by the 'hate child' of the Clintons is that if you don't agree with every progressive point she spouts, you are an evil, suck-worthy person, probably an Islamophobic, gay-bashing white man who want to see women not have the right to chose death for their unborn baby, although she didn't put it in exactly those words.

However, she did make it clear that she wanted those who disagree to be silenced.

"I think though that we also have to recognize particularly at this moment that sexism is not an opinion, Islamophobia is not an opinion, racism is not an opinion, homophobia is not an opinion, jingoism is not an opinion," she blathered.

No, all of those things are what she says they are. If Chelsea calls you a homophobe, it's simply a fact, not an opinion. If she calls you an Islamophobe, that's what you are.

Basically, what she's saying is that those she considers to be any of the above, which usually translates to anyone moderate-to-right-of-center, lacks the right to speak their minds.

Not only is this elitist, but it's unconstitutional. You know, that old, worn out document the left hates.

Except her mommy and daddy were once opposed to gay marriage and were strongly against "don't ask, don't tell" policy keeping gays from open service in the military. They also were once against Islamic fundamentalism, but hey, times change.

Ms. Doody was asked to speak about "global poverty." Somehow she managed to connect global warming with child marriage, a practice often associated with Islamic culture and backward countries, hardly countries that create extreme temperatures and rising ocean tides.

Maybe she's the one who's Islamophobic after all. 

But CARE is a foreign aid proponent and socialist organization that believes in the redistribution of wealth other than that belonging to the Clintons and other wealthy socialists. 

They just sat there and listened like good little socialists.