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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Catholic school attacked for not bowing to LGBT

Canadians who prefer having sex with the same gender, or prefer to have their own genitals removed and shaped to look like their opposite gender, and those who don't know what gender they are because it changes so frequently, are furious with a Catholic school district because they didn't believe that five-year-olds need to be concerned with the mental disorders of these aforementioned groups.

"I fear these cancellations may be based on misinformation, grown out of fear, intolerance, transphobia, homophobia and misogyny," wrote Jessica Carmichael, the artistic director of the Carousel Playhouse and a person who currently identifies as a woman.

The playhouse was to perform a play called, "Boys, Girls and Other Mythological Creatures." It features an 8-year-old boy who dresses as a girl and questions why he has a penis instead of a vagina. 

"In the play, Simon(e) feels boxed in by the restrains of gender," Carmichael wrote about the confused child with gender confusion. Obviously, the Canadian government thinks it's okay to discuss transgenderism, as if it were normal, with small children without their parents being present.

The curriculum states that "It is also critical to student success to create an atmosphere in which students of all body shapes and sizes, abilities, gender identities and sexual orientations [like all 5-year-olds] and ethnocultural, racial and religious backgrounds feel accepted, comfortable and free from harassment [and mental health intervention]." 

The school district said in a statement that the play "was not originally presented as a play about gender identity." In other words, they didn't want to tell the district that the play goes against their religious beliefs.

Isn't it disgusting that the LGBT fascists are accusing Catholics of being homophobic rather than recognizing that it's all about religion?

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