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Friday, May 5, 2017

"Bill Nye the pseudoscience guy" episode censored

(Photo: Heat Street)
Bill Nye the "Pseudo Science Guy" has a Netflix series that doesn't let biological facts get in the way of his political agenda. 

In the show, he promotes the idea the gender [identity] and biological sex are on a spectrum, and are not simply male and female. This is in direct contrast of an older episode of "Bill Nye the Science Guy" in which he used actual biology to describe the two sexes.

Now the bow-tied actor in Bill Nye Changes the World (which should have been called "Bill Nye Changes the Facts") claims that gender is "more like a kaleidoscope." 

What a schmuck, albeit a rich one due to his total acquiescing to the LGBTQ+LSMFT community. 

Nye presents his "settled [pseudo]science" with mannequins, which is how he gets 6-year-olds interested in 'science.' He has XX and XY chromosomes projected onto the dummies and claims that "what makes someone male or female isn't so clear cut."

For phonies like Nye, nothing factual is clear cut. The "scientific Left would rather deal in  "Gender Lysenkoism" and deny the existence of only two biological sexes as they say "gender" is separate and distinct from sex and that there is a spectrum and a "social construct" that should be imposed upon the objective reality of others.

Nye's view on biological sex is the same view they're teaching in Gender Studies classes where actual biology is dismissed as "biological essentialism," and science can be shaped as you wish it to be.

No wonder Nye is the new hero on the political Left.

Now to what part of Nye's "science" show was censored.

Back in 1996, the "Bill Nye the Science Guy" had an episode called "Probability" in which he states that "[Chromosomes] control whether we become a boy or a girl." Ian Miles Cheong's tweet of this went viral and was discussed on Heat Street. 

Basically, Nye discussed actual biology and made no claim about fluidity of gender. He went with actual science and said that chromosomes determine the sex of the person. Sex chromosomes determine how a fertilized egg has a 50-50 chance of being either male or female.

"Inside each of ourselves are these things called chromosomes, and they control whether we become a boy or a girl," the narrator says. "There are only two possibilities: 'XX,' a girl, or 'XY,' a boy."

That was the segment cut from the show. Other than this cut, the rest of the episode was basically the same as the 1996 episode.

Netflix offered no reason why it was cut, and this seems to be the only episode that was tampered with at this time. 

But if another episode doesn't fulfill the PC police's requirements, this will not be the only episode to face the scissors of Big Brother.

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