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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Baltimore seeks federal help as murders soar

(Photo: Fox News screen grab)
Baltimore's Democratic Mayor Catherine Pugh is up to her liberal eyeballs in murders. "We are looking for all the help we can get," she said Monday. "As you know, our murder rate is up. Murder is out of control. Too many guns on our streets."

Of course, the guns on the streets she's referring to are illegal handguns, not "military style assault weapons," or legal guns in general, but you won't hear her say that publicly.

After the total failure of gun-control to stem the violence in the Democratic-led city, Pugh has asked the FBI and other federal agencies to help deal with the large increase in the murder rate.

Last year, 318 people were murdered in Baltimore; that's about one out of every 2,000 residents. In 2015, it was worse with 344 homicides. Already this year, Baltimore had 108 murders, four of which happened over this past weekend and the most in the city since 1993 when 110 people were murdered. (The city, however, had about 110,000 fewer residents that year.)
(Photo: AP)

So instead of handcuffing police as happened in the Freddy Gray incident in 2015 when then-Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake gave people permission to riot, the new mayor wants to increase police effectiveness and even get assistance for them from the feds. 

According to the Baltimore Sun, violent crime has jumped by 23 percent in the city compared to last year. Gun-related crimes, such as homicides, robberies and shootings have all experienced double-digit increases.

Councilman Brandon Scott blames the violent repeat offenders who are "holding the city hostage" with more and more crimes. Perhaps if there were tougher consequences for violent crime, those violent repeater offenders wouldn't be able to repeat offending from prison. 

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