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Friday, May 5, 2017

Anti-Zionist Soros battles lawsuit

Socialist billionaire George Soros is battling a $10B lawsuit that accuses him of meddling in the politics of a poor African country, somethihng he typically does. 

Soros, 86, controls a slew of international nonprofits along with his enormous financial empire. He used his influence with the government of Guinea to freeze Israeli company BSG Resources out of their iron ore mining contracts, according to the suit filed last month in New York Federal Court by BSG Resources.

In other words, Soros was using his power and hatred of Israel (he's a secular Jew/atheist) to put the screws to them.

"Soros was motivated solely by malice, as there was no economic interest he had in Guinea," BSGR alleged in the court filing.

J. Christian Adams, former DoJ attorney said, "Americans do not understand the extent to which Soros fuels this anti-constitutional, anti-American agenda."

But Barack Obama loves him.

A spokesman for Soros tried to feed the media with a boatload of bull crap saying the old fart "philanthropist" has a lifelong interest in helping impoverished nations, and only backed a probe of BSGR out of corruption concerns.

Serving his own political agenda is Soros' modus operandi and a way of advancing his personal agenda. People who know the Hungarian-born socialist claim that he frequently masquerades as a humanitarian in order to manipulate the political winds in his direction.

"We are committed to use all legal means at our disposal to stop pseudo-civil society spy groups such as the ones funded by George Soros," Hungary's Minister of Human Capacities Zoltan Balog said. 

Most people in the U.S. with any political savvy are aware of how Soros spend tons of money on presidential campaigns and even local politics. He may say that he's spending in order to achieve income equality (which is immorally socialist), fighting climate change, racism and fixing the justice system, but what he's really doing is influencing the Democratic Party.

He has also been accused of interfering with the government of Macedonia through his Open Society Foundation and U.S. diplomatic connections, according to Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah).

Soros's legal woes also occurred in 2002 when he was convicted of insider trading in France. He bought stakes in companies previously owned by the government.

Fellow billionaire and long-time nemesis Beny Steinmetz accuses Soros of orchestrating a bribery probe to manipulate the President Alpha Conde administration to strip BSGR of their mining contracts in this current case.

Steinmetz says Soros is motivated by anti-Zionist sentiments and an old grudge against him over a Russian-based business.

"To Soros, Steinmetz's success, as well as his active, passionate promotion of Israeli life, business and culture are anathema," BSGR said in the complaint. "Soros is also well known for his long-standing animus toward the state of Israel."

You might say Soros is an anti-Semite who would likely be happy to fund the Palestinians so that they can destroy Israel.

Soros, of course, denies all allegations, like a good socialist often does.