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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Angry Trump may 'clean house'

Sean Hannity's 'Question of the Day' may soon be: "How many people should Donald Trump fire from his Cabinet and staff?"

Now that former FBI DirectorJames Comey has been shown the proverbial front door, the White House appears to be in chaos. President Trump's friends are telling him that his staff is unsure how to work with him and his approval ratings are in the dumper and there are leaks, which makes for a messy dumper.

One of those friends said, "The advice he's getting is to go big--that he has nothing to lose. The question now is how big and how bold. I'm not sure he knows the answer to that yet."

If Trump goes full Rambo, his White House inner sanctum would shrink like a cashmere sweater in boiling water. He would have his family doing the heavy lifting and they have no government experience. The leaks may stop but the problems won't.

On the brighter side, Trump sometimes has a bark worse than his bite and while saying he's going to fire someone, he may not follow through. Thus, it's possible the talks he's having with his confidants is just talk and a way for him to feel supported.

At the end of this week, the President is heading on his first international trip. He's going to meet with Netanyahu and his Palestinian counterpart, Abbass (the 'Abb' is silent). So the process, if he really will go through with it, may take some time. 

It's also possible he may cut people out of the information flow to cut down on leaks, as opposed to firing them. He may want to keep the drama at a minimum for now. 

The confidential sources say that Trump isn't only unhappy with his staff, but he feels ill-served by his Cabinet officials, saying that they're either tooting their own horns too much, or they're not doing a good enough job kissing up to him with praise over his diplomatic prowess.

The sources say that no Cabinet member is expected to be fired anytime soon, but expect a West Wing shuffle in the future.

One of the few top officials, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been winning Trump's praise as he has been defending him in public as he did on "Meet the Press."

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