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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Sweden: Reporter wants to ban cars to prevent terrorist attacks

Swedenistan -- Swedish dhimmi Eva Franchell is a columnist for the Swedish paper Aftonbladet, but she should have been an anti-terrorism strategist. If she were, we'd all be dead or praying toward Mecca five times a day. 

The columnist believes that banning cars in Sweden would prevent future terrorist attacks. Brilliant!

What about trucks?

Why not start banning knives--they're weapons of choice for many terrorists who can't afford a car or who don't want to waste gasoline.

Stones should also be banned in order to save women who commit adultery or show an ankle. That would be a lot harder to uphold since there are so many loose stones in the world. 

Then you've got your Louisville Sluggers and fungo bats. I don't know how easy they can be acquired in Sweden, but they can be a vicious weapon. Maybe they use cricket bats in Sweden.

Ball bearings, nails and other paraphernalia are used as shrapnel in suicide bombs--banning them would save lives, limbs and eyesight. 

Franchell's words of wisdom are remarkable:
"Cars have turned into deadly weapons. They have been easy to steal and then nothing has been able to stop their advance. If people in the future will be protected cars must simply be removed from the collection sites and city centers. It is not reasonable for a big truck that can be driven right into Stockholm's popular walking street on a Friday afternoon just before Easter."
Sweden as we knew it is gone and the idiots have taken over.

To see the problem as dealing with the weapons is ridiculous. It's like the war on terror, not on the terrorists. It denies who the problem is.