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Monday, April 10, 2017

Sweden: Prime Minister says 'No more mass immigration'

It's like trying to get the worms back in the can--now that Sweden has finally come to realize that immigration of people whose culture and values are not merely different than theirs, but in many ways opposed to their values, Prime Minister Stefan Lofven changed his mind on the issue. 

It came after another terror incident in Stockholm on Friday in which a Muslim who was refused asylum drove a truck killing four people.

Lofven said Sweden will 'never go back' to the huge level of immigration they allowed in 2015 and he promised to change Sweden's liberal behavior.

He said: "Sweden will never go back to the [mass migration] we had in autumn 2015, never. Everyone who has been denied a permit should return home. This makes me feel enormously frustrated. If you have been denied a visa you are supposed to leave the country."

And you're not allowed to drive a truck to kill people.

Lofven added: "Terrorists want us to be afraid, want us to change our behavior, want us to not live our lives normally, but that is what we're going to do. Terrorists can never defeat Swede, never."

Words. It reminds me of the Obama administration as they read off the cue cards: "We condemn the attack in the strongest possible terms."

The terrorist, Rakhmat Akilov, a 39-year-old father of four, is from Uzbekistan. He hijacked a 30-ton truck and tried to kill as many infidels as possible on a popular Stockholm main shopping street.

Police found a bomb in the truck, put there to kill as many innocent people as possible. The bomb contained gas canisters, nails and chemicals. But it didn't detonate and Akilov didn't get blown up and virgin-rich. 

The scumcrumpet came to Sweden in June 2014 but in December 2016 he was told he had to leave the country within a month. He was able to fool authorities by giving a false address, which they believed without confirming because an idiot may have been in charge of the address department.

Over the weekend, it was discovered that Akilov pledged his allegiance to Islamic State and the extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir. 

Akilov was captured near Stockholm's international airport where he told police he was on orders of Islamic State. "The bombings in Syria must stop," he said, according to Swedish media.

Swedish authorities think he was inspired by the London terror attack by Khalid Masood, which killed five people while injuring scores of others.
Probably the worst, and therefore the funniest, Kumbaya video ever made. If you don't think it's funny, you might be a liberal.

My theory of combatting the mindset and violent behavior of Islamic terrorists is to have them live in liberal neighborhoods where progressive values and Kumbaya can be taught and brotherhood (Muslim style) can abound.

Or kill them.