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Friday, April 7, 2017

France: Screams "Allahu akbar" kills Jewish woman, cops cover up

Neighbors told cops that, during the late hours of the night, an "Allahu akbar" screaming terrorist ascended the steps to the third floor of an apartment complex, acted like a wild man, and pushed Sarah Lucy Halimi, a 66-year-old Jewish woman, to her death.

During the police investigation, the Muslim terrorist asserted that the Koran, Islam's 'holiest' scripture, commanded him to murder her.

So rather than saying the Koran was used as justification for the murder, the French authorities said "He was sent for psychiatric evaluation."

Halimi's family said it was clearly a terror attack by the 27-year-old Muslim and blames authorities for trying to keep the murder out of the public eye for political reasons related to elections in France.  Marine Le Pen is running on a platform to deal with the Islamic situation and they apparently don't want her to win.