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Friday, April 28, 2017

ESPN goes lefter and lefter

(Photo: AP)
ESPN fired about 100 normal employees who, for some reason, don't believe sports and politics should be on the same wavelength. They will be replaced by sportscasters of color other than caucasian and have hard-left-leaning political views that will be intermingled with sports.

An ESPN site targeting sports fans who identify as women removed a poem that pays homage to convicted cop killer Assata (the 'ata' is silent) Shakur (aka Joanne Chesimard.

Assata (her friends call her "Assahat") is the godmother of late rapper Tupac Shakur.

Assata is a prime suspect in a slew of 1970s incidents involving violent black revolutionary groups in New York City, including a bank robbery, grenade attack and the cowardly ambushing of cops in Brooklyn and Queens.

She was convicted of murdering a New Jersey state trooper, Werner Foerster, shooting him in the head in 1973, but she escaped prison and in the early 80s fled to Cuba where she was granted political asylum. 

Assata is on the list of the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists.
DaMaris Hill

The adoring poem to Assata is written by DaMaris Hill titled "Revolution." It led the April 25 ESPNW.com feature "Five Poets on the New Feminism," which was produced "in honor of National Poetry Month . . . to reflect on resistance, redefining feminism and movement," according to the description on the website.

Yes, Assata reflects resistance--resistance to the rule of law, morality and overall decent behavior.

Yes, Assata redefined feminism with the very 'unlady-like' behavior of robbing and murder.

And yes, the movement can be defined as to how she ran from prison, ran from the law and ran off to Cuba where the Communist dictator Castro was more than happy to take her in after the violence she bestowed upon law abiding American citizens.

Hill's poem opened with the dedication "(for Assata Shakur)." 

After ESPN realized that putting Hill's poem on the site would cause problems for people other than the Black Lives Matter movement, they responded to Fox News in an email. 

"There was an oversight in the editorial process for selecting the poems for the 'Five Poets on the New Feminism' feature on espnW," the email said. "Dr. DaMaris Hill is a respected professor and poet, who submitted this poem based upon her personal feelings toward Assata Shakur. While the editors welcomed a contribution from a notable writer and chose it as a reflection of this one poet's experience, upon further review we have decided it is not an appropriate selection for our site and have removed the piece from the feature."

Later on Thursday the title of the feature was changed to "Four Poets on the New Feminism." Hill's poem dedicated to the cop killing, white-hating scumcrumpette was removed and an editor's note was at the bottom of the page informing readers of the changes.

Hill was unavailable for comment.

Critics went after the website on social media for publishing the poem in the first place. 

Hopefully, President Trump will have Assata extradited back to the U.S. where she can finish out her prison term and die behind bars.

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