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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Delta Airlines: He had to go, so they made him go

Milwaukee -- He was told to hold it in until after the plane was in the air and the seatbelt light was shut off. But he couldn't wait.

When you have to go, you have to go and go he did.

Kima Hamilton said that he had an urgent need to use the toilet while on a Milwaukee-bound flight in Atlanta on April 18. According to him, takeoff was delayed and the plane sat on the tarmac and he had to go.

It isn't clear as to whether it was "number one" or "number two" or both, but there's no doubt that he had to use the toilet and that's what he did.

Cellphone video depicts Delta agents asking Hamilton to de-plane after he returned from his seat. He refused to leave so the crew emptied the plane and allowed everyone but Hamilton back on.

The airline company says that it is absolutely imperative that passengers comply with crew directives, particularly at critical points of takeoff and landing.

FBI agents greeted him at the gate but didn't arrest him, he said. He got a partial refund but claims it wasn't enough to cover the cost of another ticket.

Talk about the rising cost of pay toilets--they're sky high.

I believe that airline crews are in charge of the cabin and passengers need to comply with their instructions. While it seems this guy was mistreated by Delta, we need to ask ourselves 'where does it end?' 

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