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Friday, March 31, 2017

US tells China it's losing patience over N. Korea

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said China needs to do more to force North Korea to stop its nuclear and missile programs or they're gonna be sorry.

The ambassador said the President Trump would raise the issue at his first summit with Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

Haley said Washington wouldn't settle for simply holding another useless UN debate because it has been reported that Pyongyang is getting ready for yet another banned nuclear test and nobody's doing squat.

"I have no patience for it, and it is not helping anyone," she said. "And it's not about me. This administration has no patience for it."

"Look, can we change the way North Korea thinks? No. They're not going to cave. China can, and that's the part we want to look at."

Haley made it clear that she isn't going to take back what she said, not for all the tea in China.

"I know China says they're worried about North Korea. I know China wants to see North Korea stop with the testing. Prove it. Prove it." She said China could prove it is serious by enforcing an embargo against North Korean coal exports.

Funny thing is, however, on February 18, China announced it was halting coal imports from North Korea, but in that month, the trade increased by 40 percent.

Haley claimed Beijing continues the North to trade coal "through other ways" and demanded China "take this as seriously as the rest of the world does."

Trump and Xi will meet at the President's golf resort in Florida--it will be the first meeting between two of the world's greatest powers. These talks will be crucial for setting the tone of future relations, and Haley warned that on North Korea, Trump will demand results.

Or else we may end up bombing the s*** out of them [North Korea].

"I think you're going to see them talk very much about the responsibility that we believe China has," Haley said. "The fact that we don't have the patience to sit here and see it go round and round any more. And the fact that we want action."

When Haley was asked what will we do if crazy Kim lights off another nuke or bomb test, she left the door open for the U.S. to take unilateral action.

In other words, possibly bomb the s*** out of them, believe me.

"If something happens, if this continues down the path that we're going on, I can tell you we're not just going to sit down and say 'Oh, they did it again,'" she said. 

After all, the Obama administration is gone and the country doesn't want to be a target by Dennis Rodman's buddy.

"This is something that is very serious," she said in all seriousness. "This is something the administration is making a priority. And this is something we absolutely expect China and Russia to respond to."