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Friday, March 17, 2017

Amy Schumer's verbal flatulence

Amy Schumer seems like the type of person who would fart in an elevator with one other person aboard and blame that person for the stink. Now she insists that in spite of the horrible reviews she received, people really like her new Netflix special.

She blames alt-right Internet trolls for the bad reviews of "The Leather Special" which debuted last week.

The so-called comic said the reviews that go from "Sucks" to "Really Sucks," aren't because her special is sub-par, but that it's due to a coordinated online effort to attack her.

Schumer also slammed "the 'journalists' who report on the activity of trolls as if it's news" and said that this is what the current administration wants.

It's good to know those journalists are supporting Trump--that's news to me.

"The alt right organized trolls attack everything I do," she whine. "They organize to get my ratings down."

Yes, the alt right has secret meetings along with Trump's press corps and plan attacks on Amy Schumer, because she is so important and they must stop her at all costs.

The paranoid 35-year-old narcissist said the alt right had organized similar protests against her book, TV show and movies. "I want to thank them," she lied. "It reminds me what I'm saying is effective and brings more interest to my work and their obsession with me keeps me going." [Not that it has anything to do with money.]

She also defended her joke-stealing: "Call me a thief and I will continue to rise and fight and lead. I know who I am," she bragged. 

As far as the crummy reviews she received from TV critics and the LA Times, she forgot to mention them.

Even liberal Newsday's TV critic gave her performance a "C" and said it was "too much" and "too carnal." The Detroit News said it was "funny but predictable," which usually makes something not so funny.

The joke-stealing is definitely not funny. 

Heat Street posted a YouTube video (shown here) showing how two of Schumer's bits are compared to old routines done by Dave Attell and Dave Chappelle--note their similarity and the fact that Schumer's bit was less funny than theirs.