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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Rachel Dolezal changes her name to sound black

Former National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) branch president Rachel Dolezal is a caucasian woman who lied and said she is a negro because she identifies with being black. She has now changed her name to sound as if she really is black.

But in spite of the words, the biology doesn't lie. She's still a white woman saying she is black.

Her new name: Nkechi Amare Diallo. 

She may have lifted the last name from the famous black shooting victim, Amadou Diallo who, back in 1999, was shot and killed by four NYPD officers who were all found not guilty of second degree murder based on the circumstances.

Dolezal changed her name in October 2016. The first name, Nkechi, is short for Nkechinyere, which comes from the lgbo language of Nigeria and means "what God has given" or "gift of God."

What God has given Nkechi, formally known as Rachel, is her melanin composition that biologically signifies that she is caucasian. 

It isn't clear why Dolezal changed her name--perhaps it's because of the scandal she went through in 2015 when her parents publicly revealed that she wasn't actually black.

She admitted that she was "biologically born to white parents" but said that race isn't "coded in your DNA." 

Forensic anthropologists consider race biological and argue that it's possible to determine race from physical remains with a reasonable degree of certainty--what is thus identified is known as the geographic phenotype. The field of medicine sees racial categories as a means to assess risk of different heritable illnesses that occur with different frequencies among different geographic ancestries.

Recently, Dolezal has revealed to The Guardian that she is experiencing financial problems since losing her job due to her lying, and is currently nearly homeless and living on food stamps. In that interview she failed to disclose her new name.

Liar that she is, Dolezal started a Change.org petition at the time she changed her name to Diallo but didn't reveal that it was she who made the petition. 

The purpose of the petition was to urge the TEDx organization to release one of her controversial speeches she made on race at the University of Idaho in April 2016. 

The petition read: "Rachel Dolezal's TEDx Talk on Race & Identity, given at the University of Idaho in April 2016, is still not available online. Please post her talk online immediately. She should not be censored due to her unique perspective. We want to watch this speech."

The petition only reached 30 signatures with 100 needed to release the video. However, TEDx released the video in November and they claimed it "has sparked much internal debate."

One could make the argument that everything about Rachel Dolezal is now a lie.