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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

One happy happy religion

"Kumbaya m'lord, Kumbaya . . . "
Islamagood, Pahkeestahn -- Ah, the sound of students voicing their love for their religion. Chanting slogans at a rally, supporting their love of sharia and its call for the upholding of blasphemy laws. The photo above of the sweet munchkins was taken on March 8, 2017. They are calling for someone, anyone to be killed.

And just this week, three bloggers, guys like me, were ordered held while blasphemy charges are being investigated by kangaroo sharia officials.

Here's an oxymoron for you: an anti-terrorism court in Pakistan has put three online bloggers in the custody of a federal agency for a week in order to conclude whether or not they committed blasphemy and be formally killed to death, or maybe just whipped until there's no skin left on their backs.

The Islamic punishment for not going along with the program is death. That's what countries under theocratic rule do--anything the leader wants them to do.

Pakistan's Federal Investigation Agency (aka FIA; aka Kangaroo Court) arrested the three free-thinkers this week as part of an ongoing crackdown on suspects who refuse to fall into lockstep and post things online that express their beliefs.

Heads may roll (literally) if authorities investigating the laptops seized from the trio say stuff like: 'Mohammad is a pedophile;" or: 'Religion of Peace--more like religion of pieces;' or: 'There is no such thing as Islamophobia--it's a made up term to shut people up who have different opinions.'

As stated above, Pakistan's anti-blasphemy laws carry the death penalty or life in prison for insulting the terrorist-prophet, Mohammad. Thus far, nobody has been put to death, but it's just a matter of time until someone's head is struck off by another guy named Mohammad.

The latest crackdown on saying truthful things about the prophet of Islam was launched by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif (no relation to Omar) when he ordered his henchmen to do what needed to be done to rid social media of any anti-Islam content posted by non-believers in Pakistan.
Imam  bin Flippen-off

The new Sharif in town directed authorities to root out those responsible for exercising their desire to express an opinion contrary to Islamic teachings and bring them to swift justice. 

An example of a contrary opinion of something, say, written in the Koran, might be: "Don't kill them wherever you find them;" or, "Muslim, there's a Jew hiding behind that tree; kiss him."

The crackdown has alarmed rights groups. Five bloggers critical of Pakistan's military and spy agency mysteriously vanished in January and were eventually returned to their families. They accused Pakistani security institutions of being behind the kidnapping. 

Soon after they had gone missing, radical clerics and orthodox Muslims went on Islamic TV interviews and Islamic talk shows where they accused the bloggers of committing blasphemy through online activities.

The five free-thinkers fled Pakistan because they valued the continuity of the bodies they were born with. 

Even accusing someone of blasphemy can provoke the more religious of Muslims to kill the one suspected of it. That's because for some people, it's fun to be able to kill someone, get away with it, and be praised by what may be a hot woman under that cloth cover.

A provincial governor, a federal minister and members of the infidel minority communities have been just a few who have been killed in Pakistan for simply seeking reforms in the blasphemy laws, or for being wrongly accused of insulting an inanimate ideology that can feel nothing by an insult.

Pakistani officials have contacted Facebook and Twitter, asking them to identify Pakistanis outside the country who are posting anti-terrorist (aka Islamic extremist) material so the government can bring them back to Pakistan and bring them to Islamic justice.

In fact, Nisar Ali Khan, Federal Interior Minister, announced this month that a Facebook dhimmi delegation will visit the lovely country of Pakistan to discuss the issue with them. Hopefully the Facebook crowd will not be sharia-compliant and allow those bloggers to live.