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Friday, March 31, 2017

NYC Mayor De Blasio wants jobs for ex-cons first & foremost

De Blasio leaning hard left
He liked the Sandinistas because he's an idiot, and now he wants to get jobs for every ex-con coming out of the slammer for the same reason.

Yes, communist mayor Bill De Blasio announced Wednesday that every inmate who gets out of a New York jail after serving a sentence will have a job waiting for him or her. There is a new city-funded program to see to it that ex-cons get first priority over unemployed law abiding New Yorkers.

At least the ex-cons will be required to finish their sentences--knowing De Blasio, he might consider escapees job opportunities if they didn't have to go back to prison.

The tall, yet extremely stupid, mayor was asked why ex-cons were being guaranteed work but unemployed New Yorkers who haven't broken the law, such as college graduates and high school students, did not get the same offer. The so-called mayor dismissed the question and said that this initiative which would cost the taxpayers $10 million a year, is a "smart investment for everyone."

"Getting our of the cycle of crime and incarceration is in everyone's interest," he said, suggesting the catalyst of crime is caused by a previous crime, which doesn't explain the first felony, or the psychology of crime. 

It simply sounds good, and that's usually all it takes for a leftist to reach into your pocket to make himself feel good.

"It's part of life and we have to do better and better at breaking that cycle. And that is in the taxpayer's interests, that's in the community's interests, that's humane, that fits our faith traditions," the atheist said.

Under his Jails to Jobs initiative, "transitional employment" can last up to 8 weeks. It's voluntary and will be offered to 8,500 ex-cons a year in a number of fields.

Meanwhile, the lawful unemployed youth, according to Marie Harf, are likely to become terrorists and join ISIS for gainful employment.