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Monday, March 27, 2017

Muslim cop sues for alleged harassment after firing

Chicago -- A Muslim police officer was fired by the North Chicago Police Department in February. 

Although North Chicago Police Chief Richard Wilson declined to go on camera, he said the officer, Ramtin Sabet was fired for violating department rules and regulations. The officer was accused of making racial comments about Jews and then lying about it when questioned by investigators.

So Sabet is suing for religious discrimination, claiming he was fired after he complained about being harassed.

"I risked my life so someone could sleep better," he said, "and this is not right. This is not right what they did to me."

Sabet began working for the North Chicago police in 2007. The Iranian-born officer claimed the harassment started a few years later.

"They started calling me names, they said I was a terrorist, I didn't belong to the country, I should go back to Iran. They said Iran should be nuked," Sabet said.

Sabet's lawsuit claims that fellow officers asked him if he road his camel to work. He does not even own a camel. At the firing range they said he was good at shooting because he had been teaching at Al-Qaeda camps in Iran.

"And the harassment didn't stop there," he said. "I would show up to calls, they'd say, 'Oh, Mr. Taliban pulled up here.' I would call in lunch breaks on the radio traffic asking dispatch for permission, they said, 'Oh, Mr. Taliban wants to eat falafel and hummus.'"

So which is it? Al Qaeda or the Taliban?

"I filed a complaint; I wanted the harassment to stop. They turned it all the way around on me and they terminated me. They accused me of untruthfulness," Sabet said, referring to the Islamic use of taqiyya, or lying for the sake of Islam.

Sabet is suing for wrongful termination, however, his lawyer says the lawsuit has a bigger purpose. 

Perhaps that purpose it to impose sharia in North Chicago's police force; perhaps not. 

Was Sabet lying and really displayed anti-Semitic behavior? Or, are the police lying? Maybe we'll never know.

Hopefully, President Trump will weigh in on the matter with an early morning tweet.

Or not!