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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I have to go! Which bathroom should I use?

A pastor who knows little about biology and apparently not so much about Genesis too, told supporters of the Texas Bathroom Bill that "God is transgender."

The pastor, Rev. S. David Wynn, is a woman who believes she's a man, and claims that God, like her, is a transgender. She is speaking out against the Texas Senate Bill 6 proposed in January that would require people to use bathrooms that coincide with their actual gender, not the one they wish they had or think they have.

Wynn spoke in front of hundreds of fellow LGBTQ (etc.) people outside the state capitol in Austin as she vehemently protested having to use the Ladies Room, in spite of the fact that she has her female genitalia on board.

Wynn'e logic goes like this: "In the beginning, God created human kind, in God's image, God created them male and female, so God is transgender."

But in the beginning, God created Adam--not both simultaneously, but distinctively. 

It's obvious that Wynn needs to reread her Genesis.

Meanwhile, North Korea is getting ready to develop nuclear capability to strike the U.S. Russia keeps jabbing its thumb in our eyes. China is becoming more of a military threat as it apparently stands behind North Korea. And Islamic terrorism is all over Europe, the Middle East, and soon to come here.

And we're busy dealing with a bathroom issue?