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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Classy Maxine Waters wants Trump impeached

The woman who thought Vladimir Putin invaded North Korea, Rep. Maxine Waters (Dummy-Calif.) believes that the impeachment of President Donald Trump is on the horizon.

"Get ready for impeachment," she tweeted Tuesday, although she didn't add specifics. However, she has brought up the impeachment of President Trump a number of times in the past and still cannot get over the fact that Hillary Clinton was such a poor candidate that she lost the election to a reality TV show guy.

Waters was asked about her March 16 tweet in which she posted a photo of what she labeled "Trump's Kremlin Klan," perhaps the wittiest thing she ever posted. When asked whether her constituents still care "about this Trump-Russia connection," she told MSNBC's Joy ["I Cannot"] Reid the presidency could unravel over this issue alone.

Fortunately for Hillary Clinton, the "Clinton Kremlin Klan" didn't put her behind bars, but that's another story. It's amazing the level of hypocrisy that selective leftist outrage can exhibit.

"I think in the final analysis they are going to have to move away from [President Trump]," Waters said of conservatives. It was obvious she was lying when she said the words 'I think'. 

"And we will see that [President Trump] will be in a position where he will meet the criteria for high crimes and misdemeanors, and I maintain that's where impeachment comes in."

It's good to know she read the Constitution on that issue. Now she simply needs to look up the definitions of high crimes and misdemeanors. 

In referring to President Trump's Cabinet, Waters referred to them as "a bunch of scumbags." 

She's quite a classy broad.