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Friday, March 17, 2017

BLM have joined the "Fightin' Snowflakes"

Be it far, far, very far for me to defend a leftist. Especially a leftist in Canada's NDP party, which is farther to the left than even Bernie Sanders. Well, at least that far.

A Canadian politician has allegedly been accused of "appropriating black culture" by the racists of Black Lives Matter. 

How did she make off with black culture, taking it without asking permission while being white?

She used Beyonce's song lyrics in a political ad.

Now I'll grant you that the New Democratic Party leadership candidate, Niki Ashton, may have plagiarized from Beyonce, but I will not grant you that Beyonce owns black culture. That's absurd. 

Nobody owns a culture; they simply express it, perhaps by how they dress, the music they may enjoy, or through verbal expressions unique to that culture.

Ashton posted a political picture which had lyrics from Beyonce's song "Irreplaceable" and emphasized her vow to take an "unapologetic left turn" with her party. I find that to be repugnant and immoral politically, but it isn't appropriating anything but words used by the singer.

"To the left, to the left," the Twitter ad read. "Like Beyonce says, to the left. Time for an unapologetic turn for the #NDP, for social, racial, enviro, and economic justice," she added above the advertisement.

Socialism sucks more than a cosmic vacuum in a black hole. Economic justice means if I have five dollars and you have one, somehow I must have taken it from you and I need to give you half. That's immoral, just like all the other "justice" the ad hawks.

But I will not agree that Ashton appropriated black culture. If that's true, than black basketball players appropriated a game invented by a white guy. You simply cannot appropriate a culture.

How dare the Vancouver chapter of BLM tell Ashton to "Please delete your "to the left" FB post & address the issue." They sound like liberal arts snowflakes.

Yes, Ashton credited Beyonce with the words, but she didn't have permission to use them in a slogan. Maybe that's plagiarism but that's where it ends.

And that's where I stop taking BLM seriously.