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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Almost 15% of Germans 32 and younger are now Muslim

According to Muslim Statistics, a website that quantifies Islamic facts, about 1 in 7 Germans age 32 and younger are Muslim. 

Angela Merkel's government claims otherwise.

As the German population is declining, immigration and the acceptance of refugees is increasing, but contrary to popular German government belief, that will not fix the economic problems the country is having.

Some estimates say that refugees have thus far cost Germany $1,241,050,000,000 and no cents. Of course, this number will grow because Germany is now paying refugees to leave. 


Merkel tried to make a case that "immigration grows the economy." That makes as much sense as putting a hole in a lifeboat to bail out the water.

Some facts: there are 7.89 million Muslims in Germany, all immigrants (1st, 2nd, rarely 3rd generation) or refugees. Germany's population ages 32 and younger is 14.7% Muslim.

As the German population ages, those people don't contribute to the lavish welfare system and has created economic problems. While more people means more workers, average wealth will not necessarily increase. So while the overall value of the economy may increase, average worker salaries may not.

In the case of the German welfare system, everyone's standard of living equates to an income of about $30,000 a year. In order to meet that, others must be taxed to ensure that quality of life is met.

That isn't really possible, nor is it fair to the average working German who now must be taxed like crazy to make the welfare ends meet.

The problem that's causing the problem is the fact that the refugees and immigrants are unskilled and are on the welfare roles. 

Merkel's government conflates economic growth with individual prosperity.

And like the terror attack in London on Wednesday, Germany and the EU in general, are setting themselves up for future problems with the immigration and refugee issues.