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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Whoopi Goldberg sees Trump as Taliban

Whoopi Goldberg of The View, sees no difference between the Taliban and President Trump. She also sees no difference in mucous and bubble gum.

The leftist Goldberg said on The View Tuesday that she doesn't see the difference between Trump's values and those of the Taliban.

Trump wants to make America great again. The Taliban wants to make America a caliphate.

Trump wants to protect our borders. The Taliban wants to kill infidels, many of whom live in the West, and they're willing to commute.

"We have had a leader who's repeatedly demeaned women, wants to defund organization that benefit women, calling on the media to shut up, specifically wants to give preferential treatment based on religion, are these values really much different from the Taliban's?" she asked.

She obviously knows nothing, absolutely nothing about Islamic terrorism. 

Defunding organizations "that benefit women," but kill their unwanted babies, is a moral issue,  a asset the Taliban is sorely lacking.

And to say Trump "wants to give preferential treatment based on religion" is no less ignorant than most of the idiocy that she spouts.  The only preference he gives to any religions is by helping protect them from Islamic jihad terrorism that would kill them.

"The Whoopi Cushion" added that she believes some of the language of Trump's travel ban is disrespectful towards women but couldn't provide even one example.

"If you're saying to the media shut up--that's what [the Taliban] do. Maybe they didn't start out chopping people's heads off, maybe they started out differently . . . Because we're saying to people, here are our American values, and then we're saying on the same token stuff that sounds exactly like the stuff we're fighting."

She claimed that President Trump is giving "preferential treatment for Christians" and "forgetting the other religions out there."

So which religions is Trump forgetting? 

Is it the Jews in Israel? Did Goldberg complain when Obama failed to veto the UN resolution to sanction the Jewish State? 

Is it the Muslims? Did Trump ban Muslims from entering the United States?

No. If he did, then what about the biggest Islamic state of Indonesia (where Obama went to madrassa)? Then there's Saudi Arabia, Jordan and other Islamic countries who aren't banned. In fact, the only countries temporarily banned are those that Obama himself recommended.

Did Goldberg say anything at the time?

She's just a low-information hypocrite.