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Monday, February 20, 2017

ISIS threatens: 'Stop deleting our accounts'

We're looking for a few good sheep
ISIS is upset over their social media accounts. The accounts are being systematically deleted by the social network administrators and it's twisting their skivvies in a knot.

One group of scumcrumpets took to an encrypted Telegram channel to cry over the constant deletion of their propaganda channels. They also mocked intel agencies, accusing them of infiltrating ISIS channels to obtain "real and credible information about the Islamic State."

Well that's what intel is supposed to do--to mock them means they're being successful and that's a good thing.

The idiots wrote: "We are not dumb nor stupid not to know that you are monitoring our Channels! . . . Reporting our Channels to be Disabled cuts off your source of information therefore rendering you useless and naive," the post reads.

I have a feeling that people who think that by blowing themselves to smithereens they are doing God's work, are not all that intelligent. Our intel agencies know what they're doing.

The dummies also suggested that without news and propaganda reports from them, the social media platforms would have a harder time generating revenue. What they're saying, in other words, "Please don't shut us out--it's good for you too."

"Reporting our Channels to be Disabled means You will run out of Business because Our Channels are Your Sources of income," the post says ungrammatically.

Twitter announced last year that it had shut down 360,000 accounts that were promoting or threatening terrorist acts, and who knows how many pro-Trump tweeters.

YouTube and Facebook also deleted thousands of videos and social media accounts promoting jihad.

Telegram, the 'app of choice' by the Islamic barbarians, created an ISIS 'watch-bot' that tracks the number of ISIS-affiliated channels and bots removed every month.

ISIS, however, has created a bot that generates random email addresses, temporary mobile phone numbers and pin codes required by many social media accounts for sign-up. They've also resorted to 'invite only' groups on Facebook to avoid deletion for several weeks before being discovered.

On Twitter, the jihadis set their tweets to protected viewing, which only allows 'vetted' followers (aka fellow scumcrumpets) to see their posts.