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Friday, February 17, 2017

If Mr. Trump was "presidential" and boring

President Trump is said to speak for the common man, and some say the lowest common denominator. By doing so, he reaches more Americans and that may be the secret to his win in the presidential election.

On Thursday, Mr. Trump spoke to the people again and after the speech he held a press conference.

Do you ever wonder what he would sound like if we took his overly used words and substituted them for synonyms that basically mean the same thing? And what it would sound like if some of the redundancy was to be removed and more clarity bestowed upon his thoughts?

The purpose of this piece is not to make fun of President Trump, but to have fun with his speech, bigly. I only used a fraction of what was said.

The words in italics indicate actual word changes. See if you can figure out the word(s) the president actually used in the speech then go here to see the actual speech.

Well, here goes:

TRUMP: Thanks a lot.
I want to begin by saying that the nominee for secretary of the Department of Labor is Mr. Alex Acosta. Mr. Acosta has a doctorate degree in Jurisprudence from Harvard Law School where he excelled as a student. In addition, he was the law clerk for Justice Samuel Alito and had a mammoth career. He's a member of the National Labor Relations Board and has been confirmed by the Senate on three occasions; did extremely, extremely well.
And so Alex, I've wished him the best, we just spoke, and he's going to be, I believe, a titanic secretary of labor.
As you presumably heard recently, Mick Mulvaney, a former congressman, has just been approved several weeks long overdue, for the Office of Management and Budget. And he will be, I think, a weird addition. 
Paul Singer recently terminated his position. As you know, Paul was excessively involved with the anti-Trump, or as they say, "never Trump" movement. And Paul recently left and he's provided us his full support. Most important is unification of the party and of the nation. It is a priority for me that I've spoken about in detail. It's extremely, extremely important to me.
I thank Paul Singer for attending this conference and for coming up to the office. He was a worthy opponent and now a powerful ally. I appreciate his support.
I will say a few words and take some questions. 
You see the point? I didn't write this to excoriate President Trump on his word usage, but to illuminate the speech patterns he feels most comfortable with when speaking to the public.

I didn't read the commentary by The Times because they will give their leftist version of what he said and they are sorely lacking in credibility as far as I'm concerned.

If you didn't get a chance to see the speech and presser that followed and wish to do so,