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Friday, February 10, 2017

Five injured in Palestinian terror attack in Israel

At least five Israelis were wounded on Thursday when a Palestinian coward opened fire at a bus and stabbed another man at the market place in Petah Tikva, a central Israeli city.

The jihadist slightly injured two bus passengers in their legs, indicating that he likely never took a biology class in school if, indeed, he ever attended school. A third Israeli was shot in the legs [evidently the Palestinian was a 'leg man'] and bystanders then tried to subdue the scumbun. 

One man told medical personnel that he had been stabbed in the neck while attempting to apprehend the jihadist before police arrived.

The jihadist was later identified by police as a 19-year-old Palestinian from the northern West Bank.

Another person was also injured in the chaos which followed the shooting as the crowd mistook him for the shooter.

It is unknown if the jihadist screamed "Allahu Akbar!" or whether his name was, indeed, Muhammed.