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Thursday, February 9, 2017

'Dilbert' creator cancels UC Berkeley donations over anit-Milo riots

Scott Adams, the creator of the cartoon series "Dilbert," was horrified by the violent protests against Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley and has stopped donating to the ultra-liberal mental institution that tries to pass itself off as an institute of higher learning. The only higher it claims is from chronically indulging in giggle smoke.

Adams, who shamelessly endorsed Donald Trump and caught some heat for it, said the angry anti-Milo backlash to the speech he was stopped from giving convinced him that he wouldn't be "safe or welcome" on campus.

In a recent blog post he wrote that he will no longer give "my time and money" to Berkeley, where he studied for an MBA. He had been a "big supporter" in the past.

While not actually naming Yiannopoulos, he described him and apparently enjoyed taking his side against the masked "anti-fascist" protesters who opposed his free speech rights. He wrote: 
"I've decided to side with the Jewish gay immigrant who has an African-American boyfriend, not the hypnotized zombie-boys in black masks who were clubbing people who hold different points of view. I feel that's reasonable, but I know many will disagree, and possibly try to club me to death if I walk on campus."
Only three anarchists were arrested during the violent displays where windows were smashed and Milo fans were pepper-sprayed. 

That is the disgusting fact.

President Trump spoke out about the Berkeley situation as well. He talked of the prospect of a federal defunding of the school since they don't apparently support the First Amendment when it doesn't apply to them.

Janet Napolitano is shaking in her Jackboots.