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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Brussels Airport cops detained over 30 terrorist suspects

Belgium -- Anti-terrorism police at Brussels Airport detained over 30 people on suspicion of "links with terrorism or offenses linked to the security of the state" between mid-November and mid-December. 

Sounding somewhat like an idiot, Interior Minister Jan Jambon said that in spite of detaining on average at least one suspect per day, that it was "too early" to give exact details. 

Terrorists attacked Brussels International Airport and Maalbeek metro station in March of last year and since then, about 109 specially trained officers have been deployed, mostly at the airport.

Apparently, that's a good thing because they sure seem to need them.

Belgium has supplied the highest per capita number of ISIS scum to Syria of any European nation. The estimates are between 350 to 550, out of a population of only 11 million people, less than half of whom are Muslims.

The Brussels' suburb of Molenbeek is the primary spawning ground for terrorists. George Dallemagne, a center-right opposition party member of federal parliament said of Molenbeek that:
"Terrorists are radicalized in France, go to Syria to fight and when they come back they find the logistical support and the networks in Molenbeek . . . it's like an airbase for jihadists."
The local authorities have little sway in Molenbeek and that's why special officers will continue to be needed at Brussels Airport.

It would also be a good idea to deploy special officers at other European airports.