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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Woman suicide bomber detonates with baby strapped to her back

Leftists like Obama say that the Islamic State is neither Islamic nor is it a state. If by Islamic he means a way the religion of Islam is practiced, he's wrong. If he mean by a state that the Islamic State has not established territory they claim as their caliphate, well, he's wrong again.

The same is true about the Taliban, al Qaeda, and basically any extremist practice of Islam.

If religion is having faith that a belief in their version of God will provide them with rewards in the hereafter, you can say that the Islamic State and the rest of the extremist religious terrorist groups is an example of a stronger faith than we see in the West, for the most part.

Extremists are so certain that their brand of Islam is the right brand. So sure they will go to Paradise for jihad, they are ready to die in the spirit of the Qur'an's promises.

Three women suicide bombers carried out an attack in Madagali, Adamawa State, Nigeria. One of the women had a baby strapped to her back. Nine people were killed, including two local vigilantes at a checkpoint where vehicles are screened before being allowed into town.

Imagine strapping your baby to your back, knowing you're both going to die for Allah. You would have to think that you're doing a wonderful thing for your baby. 

What a schizophrenic belief system the extremists have.

But don't tell me it isn't Islam--read the murder book called the Qur'an.