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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Veteran Memorial 'Cross Ban' Ain't Happening with Bikers Standing Guard

The group that views their atheism as a religion, Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRT--also known as and pronounced "FART") is being the pains in the butt they usually are with efforts to remove all religious symbols from public property. It isn't that it truly "upsets" them, it's that it gives the sphincter-head FART members a sense of power.

So they go after a Ten Commandments monument is schools, "In God We Trust" stickers on police cars, and they will take legal action just to bust them.

Recently, in Belle Plaine, Minnesota, FFRT (aka FART) has finally faced a different kind of resistance they're not used to dealing with:

The kerfuffle began in Belle Plaine and centered on a monument at their Veterans Memorial Park. One monument is of "a soldier kneeling in front of a cross that served as a headstone for a fellow soldier's grave."

In August, after "resident JoAnne Gill filed a police report questioning whether the cross was legal based on court rulings regarding church and state."

Well that got the attention of FART; they, like the PC police look for anything, any piece of minutiae they can use to break balloons. 

As FART member Annie Laurie Gaylor said: "This isn't just a constitutional violation. It sends a message of exclusion to non-Christians as if only Christian veterans are important . . . 

"We don't object to veteran memorials and we don't object to Christian veteran memorials, we just think Christian veteran memorials must be on private property."

Except that she's full of beans, which may be why she's their spokes moron.

Our country is a Judeo-Christian nation and the reason she can even talk about our Constitution is because soldiers like the fallen Christian in the memorial ensured that for her and the rest of her old FART crew.

Unfortunately, the town Mayor Christopher Meyer admitted that the lawsuit FART put forward gave him "no choice but to take down the cross." He went on to say, "To me, it's another attack on small town America--our freedoms."

Naturally the town veterans groups and residents lashed out at the decision saying it's "frustrating to see that one person or two people in a town are allowed to speak for a town of over 3,000 people."

Yes--it's the new form of bullying.

But on Sunday, it all changed. The Second Brigade Motorcycle Club showed up at the memorial park. The club is dedicated to "honoring veterans from all ages." The members man the park daily, protecting the 18 new crosses that now stand where a single cross once stood.

One biker known as "Wrong House" (sounds like a Twitter handle) said that "the club's decision to protect the memorial isn't about promoting one religion over another. This is what soldiers do out in the field . . . it's about our veterans . . . That is what we support, this is what the community supports and we're here to back that up."

I wonder how many FART members are veterans.