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Monday, January 2, 2017

College applications in U.S. to Canadian schools surge

College applications by U.S. snowflakes afraid of a Trump presidency has soared by 70 percent over last year to the University of Toronto. McMaster University's American applications have increased by 34 percent, according to the Associated Press.

"I think everybody in international education is a little uneasy, in part because some of the rhetoric in the campaign frightened people overseas,"Stephen Dunnet, Vice Provost at the University of Buffalo for international education (GO CHIPS!).

"It's going to be perhaps a bit rocky for a couple of years," he said, referring to the fears that potential college students have about differing opinions based upon success.

Canadian schools are recruiting in the U.S. more aggressively now that Trump has beaten a rich white woman who violated the Espionage Act and got away with it.

The University of Toronto held a panel in Washington, D.C. in December about the election in an effort to recruit prospective scared liberals.

And while none of the Hollywood leftists who swore they would move to Canada told the truth, at least we still have kids who are willing to run away, crying from the humiliation that Hillary Clinton couldn't even beat a reality TV guy with a 500 word vocabulary.

That's yoooooge.