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Thursday, January 12, 2017

UK Coke could kill kids if not stopped by food nazis

United Kingdom -- Public health hall monitors and self-proclaimed "experts" are calling for Coca-Cola to be stopped from running a Christmas-themed giveaway tour in festive trucks.

These "experts" have claimed that the popular soft drink contributes to childhood obesity and the company should desist immediately. 

They have yet to weigh in on alcoholic beverages and are not protesting against pubs that serve beer and spirits. Nor have they protested against spirits companies, but this may come soon.

Two public Health Food Nazis, writing in the British Medical Journal attacked Coca-Cola for trying to "hijack" Christmas by driving around English towns and giving out free 150ml cans of Coke. 

When asked for comment about how some Islamic extremists are also trying to "hijack" Christmas, they refused to discuss the matter.

The Coca-Cola promotion ties in with an annual TV advertising campaign "holidays are coming," an unofficial kickoff to the start of Christmas.

But the journal authors Robin Ireland and John R. Ashton said that the health risks outweigh any fun the drinks may bring. The party-poopers called on the government to ban the tour.

The Coca-Cola Company hit back, saying that customers loved the giveaway and that it had age limits on participation.

Perhaps it's time we get rid of  the Nanny State and allow people to make their own life choices. They're going to do it anyway, whether it be smoking, doing drugs, eating bacon, and having a Coke.