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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

For Obama: One and a wake-up to go

White House -- They're on their way out the door on Friday and it can't be soon enough. There will be a mass exodus now that the so-called president held his last and most non-defensible press conference in his 8 long, long years in office. 

The press will miss him deeply, like a man missing his husband, and they asked him fluff questions, as is their wont with Obama.

Each member of the Obama wrecking crew will get to spend a few magic moments with their lead-from-behind leader. They will talk and reminisce about the old days when the president watched a ball game with his dad, Raul Castro in sunny Cuba.

Everyone will soon be busy packing up, putting into cardboard boxes their leather bound editions of "Rules for Radicals" and "The Koran for Dummies," and some will even have "The Communist Manifesto." 

There will be tears shed. There are always tears shed with leftists because anything can turn on the water spigots: a black man voting Republican; a president who will undo what their lead from behind leader had done with his pen and phone. 

The last days of a president's administration are always bittersweet and sadly nostalgic as the staff  finally realizes how far to the right their lead-from-behind leader has caused the country to swing, and how they will now be out of a cushy job, lose any power they had, and find themselves back to being ordinary civilians.

Many of Obama's staff are scared. Not scared of being out of work, but scared of our next president somehow getting us all mysteriously killed because he refuses to be the kind humanitarian Obama is as he shows whenever he frees an Islamic freedom fighter for ISIS or the Taliban or any Islamic religious organization.

"You're always aware that it's a special privilege to work there and not something to take for granted," Nate Lowentheil said. Nate worked for our lead from behind Obama on the National Economic Council. "It's particularly hard knowing the next wave of people coming are going to be working to reverse the things you were working to advance until your very last hour," he added, sounding as if he was going to die when he walked out the White House door.

But on a positive note, the next wave of people coming are going to be working to do the things the majority of the American electorate wants them to do, and while it includes ending and replacing Obamacare, it does not include letting traitors out of prison because they fit someone's folk hero image.

There were tears on the faces of some White House aides on Tuesday, and one, who will remain unnamed, had an actual snot-bubble popping out of their left nostril as tears flowed like a busted sewer pipe.

After the group photo, Valerie Jarrett was last seen wringing her hands together and then stirring a huge cauldron which emanated an odor reminiscent of eye of newt along and oil of dog.