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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Trump and Pentagon may abandon social experiments under Mattis

There may be changes for the military blowin' in the wind. That is, the changes that have already taken place might change back to the way things were before President Obama began his social experiment with gays, men who think they're women, and women who think they're men, joining the military and being special recognition.

Under Obama, the military tried to integrate transgender persons into the ranks of the mentally stable military population that comprise the majority of the troops, and allow women into special operations forces and rid gender-specific words for more "politically correct" leftist terms. 

This was Obama's softer, more gentler side of his military, and it went against our traditional military approach. 

Puke-worthy as well is the fact that some Navy warships were named for civil rights activists.

But what the Obama administration de-emphasized were expressions of Christianity in the ranks--some officers were even disciplined for having visible Bibles or gospel verses in their living quarters. 

At least the same discipline was not meted out to Muslim officers and enlisted men.

There is a good possibility that Trump's choice for secretary of defense, General James "Mad Dog" Mattis, will not make Obama's gay, transgender and politically correct social experimentation agenda a big priority. Mattis isn't looking to have a gentle, softer military; he's looking to have an awesome, powerful one that will keep the peace because unlike under Obama's administration, nobody will want to mess with it.

"Mad Dog" Mattis will bring back the warrior ethos to the Pentagon.

U.S. Army Gen. Jack Keane (ret.) said the emphasis on social reform under Obama came at the expense of the military's core objective.

"Social engineering was a distractor from what the main mission of the United States military was about," said Keane. "We were involved in conflict and war, and these reforms achieved a level of prominence that subordinated the issue of war itself."

Outgoing politically correct DoD Secretary Ash Carter "made it clear" that he won't stand in the way of the incoming administration making their own policy decisions.

Because he can't.

Under Mattis, the issue of women in combat will likely be revisited. Last year, Ash Carter opened land combat jobs in the infantry and special operations to women, and at that time, Mattis said women should not be in combat because, if they were, the nation's enemies wouldn't fear "America's awesome determination to defend herself."

Mattis also said that physical standards for combat jobs would become more lax, and women would not have privacy for their "bodily functions."