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Monday, January 30, 2017

The latest: Quebec City Mosque Shooting

The headline in the Ottawa Citizen reads: "Quebec mosque shooting: Suspects not known to police."

But they did get the names of the two shooters: Alexandre Bissonette, an obviously Quebecois name that was alluded to in yesterday's report, and Mohamed Khadir, whose name was not mentioned until now, and has a certain ring to it.

One coward was arrested at the scene and the other called 911 himself and was arrested Sunday night around 9 p.m. The coward who called 911 waited for police to arrest him after the shooting, according to Denis Turcotte, a Quebec City police inspector.

"He as armed and spoke to us about his acts," Turcotte said. "He seemed to want to cooperate. The suspect said he was waiting for police to arrive."

Six mosque-goers were killed during the evening prayers. They were all men between the ages of 39 and 60 years old. Many others were wounded in the attack.

The suspects are in their late 20s and early 30s and weren't known to police. An investigation into a possible motive continues, RCMP superintendent Martin Plante of C Division said, but he wouldn't confirm the identity of the victims at this time.

I wonder if the shootings have anything to do with Islam.

"We must respect the judicial process, we cannot reveal suspects' identities yet," Plante said. He added that it was still to early to determine what charges the suspects in the case will face.

I'd start with murder in the first degree.

So while we know that one of the suspects is Alexandre Bisonette and the other is Mohamed Khadir, it is only when they appear in court to face charges that their identities can be released.

On Monday, an official from the Centre hospitalier de l'Universite Laval said five people remain in critical condition from the attack and are in the intensive care unit of the Enfant-Jesus hospital in Quebec City. Another 12 individuals received minor injuries and have been released from the hospital.

[Please feel free to imagine accent marks where they belong in the French names.]

Chief Inspector Andre Goulet of the SQ said that 75 police officers were involved in the investigation and that patrols have increased their vigilance, which leads one to worry about the level of their vigilance prior to this incident.

The rector of Universite Laval, Denis Briere, and vice-rector Eric Beauce spoke to the media Monday and reports indicate that one or both of the suspects were students at the university. Beauce, however, said the university couldn't confirm that they were students saying, "We can't confirm it and the police haven't told us that."

Security has been stepped up on the campus.

On Facebook, the Centre Culturel Islamique de Quebec issued a statement reading, in part:
"We were attacked because we are Muslim. Shot at point blank range because we are Muslim. Dead because we are Muslim.

"A scene of unspeakable brutality took place in front of dozens of Quebec citizens, including children. Gunfire, death, reloading of weapons, yelling, wounded people. Blood on the prayer rugs. A scene almost of war, here at home, in Quebec, our city known for its tranquility."

If you ask me, it sounds a lot like a scene from the Orlando shooting, or the Paris attack, or any of the myriad Islamic terrorist attacks. But look at how dramatic the Islamic Cultural Center makes it out to be--you would think they were clueless about a scene like this. 

One of the shooters in this horrible attack is named Mohamed--his last name, Khadir is a name famous for another Muslim terrorist, Omar Khadr who spelled the name without the 'i'.

It's horrible. It's barbaric and cowardly to brutally kill helpless individuals. But please don't pretend that you are the perpetual victims in senseless killing.

This all needs to stop, but it's doubtful that it will anytime soon.

UPDATE: Police now say only one of the two people arrested for the shooting at the mosque in Quebec City is a suspect--the other is a witness. 

It was the man who later called 911 and arrested that admitted to the shooting. He was armed and said he was waiting for police to arrive. This sounds all very confusing, but it's early in the investigation.