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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Suicide bomber blows up; the other is lynched

A pre-teen Muslim suicide bomber blew herself up to smithereens too soon but seriously injured one person in Nigeria on Saturday. 

Another female suicide bomber was captured by an angry crowd and strung her up. It is not known where the crowd got the rope to hang her, but hang her they did until she died.

No one claimed responsibility for the attack as they were dead, but neither did any organization. However, there is a high probability that the attack is linked to an Islamic extremist organization since they tend to be willing to die for Allah and the "M" man.

The attack occurred near a noodle vendor around 9:3- p.m. and the attack was similar to the type of assaults used by Boko Haram (which means:"Western education is forbidden"). In December, two girls under the age of 10 blew themselves up and injured 19 people, exemplifying how sick Islamic extremism is.

"Judging from her corpse, the girl was around 10-years-old," witness Grema Usman told AFP regarding the child bomber.

An aid worker believes it was the girl's youth that may have caused her to nervously blow up before she reached the crowd.

The second girl attacker's bomb was safely detonated by security forces.

It doesn't get sadder and sicker than this--it's a global mental illness.