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Monday, January 9, 2017

Students at top University want to ban white philosophers

Were Plato, Socrates and Descartes caucasian? Probably, but I don't really care because it's irrelevant to what they've offered to mankind. 

Sure, Bertrand Russell was white--that's his photo above--but what does a person's race matter to non-racists who don't measure a person's worth by the amount of melanin in their skin?

But students at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London (aka: "The School of Lower Education") are demanding that "the majority of philosophers on [sic] our courses" need to be from Africa and Asia rather than being white, Western thinkers. They want Russell, Plato and Descartes, along with other white men, dropped from the course studies.

The snowflakes say that it's their strategy to "decolonize" the college, which they regard as a "white institution."

SOAS, a constituent college of the University of London (GO Crumpets!) is regarded as the world's leading institution for the study of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

In a list of educational priorities titled: "Decolonising SOAS: Confronting The White Institution," the union's statement of "educational priorities" ironically states its aim to "Create an inclusive (LOL) learning and teaching environment by defining what these terms mean [that is, who to exclude in the inclusion] and address the white curriculum by undertaking a full scale audit of every course reading list."

They must have gotten this idea from the movie "Fahrenheit 451." 

These inclusive snowflakes go on to say that white philosophers should be studied only "if required", and then should only be taught from "a critical standpoint," because white people are so mean and stuff.

The move is being pushed by democracy and education (LOL) union officer Ali Habib, who is on SOAS's governing board of trustees and also wants to widen the scope of scholarships for refugees as an educational priority.

I Kant believe these stupid kids.

Welcome to the world of censorship of ideas and acceptable racism.