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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Secret Service agent claims she won't take a bullet for POTUS

A Secret Service agent based in Denver said that she would rather go to jail than protect the President of the United States. That wasn't the way she put it, but that's what she was saying when she said that about President Trump and it blew the mind of one Secret Service veteran.

Gary Byrne, an agent who guarded President Clinton and the Oval Office told Fox News that Special Agent Kerry O'Grady's revelation on Facebook was "astonishing."

"It is unheard of and unbelievable that someone at her level would comment publicly on being unwilling to protect the president," Byrne said. "Everyone has their own personal political opinions, but this job is not personal. You take an oath to the country, not the person. You are protecting the office, and what makes the country great."

The Secret Service is supposedly "taking appropriate action" once the news went public that this crap weasel made the comments on Facebook in October. They didn't say if she would be disciplined or even fired, but her comments are possibly in violation of The Hatch Act, which bars certain federal employees from engaging in political activity to promote fairness and nonpartisanship within the workplace. The Secret Service is one of the agencies affected by this 1939 law.

"As a public servant for nearly 23 years, I struggle not to violate the Hatch Act," O'Grady wrote. "So I keep quiet and skirt the median. To do otherwise can be a criminal offense for those in my position. Despite the fact that I am expected to take a bullet for both sides. But this world has changed and I have changed. And I would take jail time over a bullet of an endorsement for what I believe to be disaster to this country and the strong and amazing women and minorities who reside here. Hatch Act be damned. I am with Her."

O'Grady was likely referring to a felon named Clinton who clearly violated the Espionage Act.

O'Grady took the post down after a few days and then said she would protect the president. I wonder how much she can be trusted to take a bullet for Trump without having to mull it over in her head before taking the plunge.

She then tried a "save" and said: "It was an internal struggle for me but as soon as I put it up, I thought it was not the sentiment that I needed to share because I care very deeply about the mission."

Not good enough. 

"At her level, she is special agent in charge of Denver, she has a couple hundred people working under her including agents, technicians, and officers," Byrne said. "Her job is to run the office, but to provide the manpower if the President comes to Colorado."

Byrne believes if she just made the comment to her friends, that is personal, but putting it publicly on Facebook is grounds for dismissal. 

"I cannot tell you how bad that is," he added.

He's right--you don't need to have second thoughts at that split second of life and death consequences. I wouldn't trust her if I were in that position.

I rarely advocate for anyone to lose their job, but this is no ordinary job. It isn't about the man, as Byrne said, it's about the presidency and the nation.