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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Say it isn't so Mr. Trump

President Trump's White House aides are using personal email accounts!

I rarely use exclamation points in my writing (except when I use "Sad!" at the end of the blog post to imitate a Trump tweet). But this calls for hyperbolic punctuation.

Trump was all over Hillary's case during the campaign for her use of a personal email server while she wasted time and travel money as secretary of state. She potentially exposed the country to leaking secret information because she was too damn arrogant to follow the rules that everyone else had to follow.

Now we have Trump's people guilty of the same lax behavior according to Politico.

As the Trump team moves into the West Wing, where they will become intimately ensconced with top level strategy information and other documents not intended for public use, they are still using their own personal emails because officials haven't set them up with their new White House email accounts.

The team's transition into the White House has been problematic at times and press wranglers under the direction of Sean Spicer, were overlooked when the techies set things up and they've been using their private email addresses.

Sean Spicer had to jerry-rig his own contact system using Twitter to spread President Trump's daily public schedule to the media, rather than directly emailing them.

On the bright side however, is that the press team might have exclusive information but it isn't dealing with classified documents.