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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Obama sent US Special Forces to Russian border

This is crazy news and the mainstream media hasn't put it out to the public yet. 

We all know Russian hostility against the US is at Cold War levels, and for his time in office, Obama, our so-called president, has responded to Putin like a wife angry at her husband for leaving the seat up.

But this is very serious and impossible to ignore--Russia is deploying nuclear-ready missiles along its western border with Poland and Lithuania, both NATO allies, and Belarus, a US ally not in NATO. In response to this move, Obama has sent US special forces to Lithuania.

US special forces will help bolster Lithuanian and other NATO allies defenses against Russia and if push should hit the fan, shove will fight back to fulfill our NATO obligation. That could mean war.

Worse, it could mean Obama stays in office due to the fact that it would be a national emergency. My paranoid fear when he first took office was that he would go to any lengths to stay in power.

It makes me want to throw up in my mouth.

"The United States was the first to offer additional safety assurance measures to the Baltic countries following the deterioration of the security situation in the region after the annexation of the Crimea," said the Lithuanian Defense Ministry spokeswoman Asta Galdikaite. "US Special Operations Forces presence in Lithuania is one of the deterrents" she said, [against Russian expansion].

General Raymond Thomas head of the Pentagon's Special Operations Command told The New York Times that the Baltic states are "scared to death of Russia. They are very open about that."

If someone on either side of the showdown even goes so far as to "flip the bird," it could start a shooting war. But the shooting would be of nukes, not guns.