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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Mr. President, don't let the door . . .

Chicago -- He came. He spoke. He cried. He lied. 

Lame Duck President Barack Hussein Obama gave his farewell [sort of] speech tonight in his adopted hometown of Chicago. With the number of law enforcement personnel that were there to provide security, it's highly likely that the murder rate soared.

Although he admitted to some disappointments, he really didn't. Instead "No Drama Obama" gave an emotional defense of his vision as they face untold anxiety and dramatic change with Donald Trump taking over. 

He didn't mention Trump by name, but most liberals can add two and two . . . except for the climate changers. 

He spoke of this faith in America's "boundless capacity" for reinvention, and then made the racist remark: "The future should be ours." 

I know it was racist--I felt it was and that makes it true.

While he began as a powerful, eloquent speaker, but the end of the speech he was delicately wiping away tears, or perhaps he was experiencing the vapors. (Fortunately, he had a scented tissue at his disposal.)

But the best part of the speech was after it was over and Sean Hannity attacked every aspect of the lame duck president's life and lack of accomplishments and how the eight years of American misery are over.