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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Mossad is now recruiting women

Israel -- An advertisement in the Israeli press depicts a young woman with white lettering that says: "wanted - powerful women."

"We don't care what you did; we care about who you are!" the ad reads.

Mossad, Israel's world renowned spy agency, is looking for a few tough women and has launched a recruitment campaign.

The agency wants women to join their mostly male group of case officers, who are in charge of recruiting and handling agents. Inside (that is, not in the field) 40% of staff are women and 10% of them hold high-ranking positions.

Compare that to their neighbor's where women stay home, have jihadists and cook, while the men go out to work, and you will understand just how progressive Israel is (the 'good' progressive, of course).

The Mossad is the global arm of Israel's intelligence community and is very much like our CIA and Britain's M6. They are thought to be behind some of the most daring covert counterterrorism operations in the past century.

In 2014, the Mossad finally opened an online recruitment website as the rest of their counterparts had already done. It included cool recruitment videos and an online application option for employment, available in Hebrew, English, Russian, French, Arabic and Persian.

The Mossad is looking to modernize the way it used to seek out potential agents after generations of cloak-and-dagger-style missions.

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